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June Beauty Offers from Beauty at The Bankside Health Club


Feel great all summer long with treatments that will make you look and feel your best, with Beauty at The Bankside Health Club.

June Beauty Offers from Beauty at The Bankside Health Club


Feel great all summer long with treatments that will make you look and feel your best, with Beauty at The Bankside Health Club.

News from The Bankside Health Club

As you are no doubt aware we request feedback from our members about every 90 days. I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to provide their feedback. We love it when it is good but it is just as valuable to find out when we are falling short of your expectations. Every single piece of feedback is read, filed and forms the backbone of the operational and developmental decisions that we take regarding the Club.

Since I started here at The Bankside Health Club, the changing rooms and cleanliness in particular have been recurring issues. To this end we carried out a refurbishment of the changing rooms a few months ago which does seem to have helped.

Cleanliness can be an issue, particularly at peak times when usage is high but we will be working hard to strive towards considerable improvements in this area. We have just recently changed our cleaning company and I believe that over the coming weeks you will see a real improvement in this area.

Keep the feedback coming in and, on behalf of the whole team here at the Club, thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards
Mike Supple
General Manager

January News from The Bankside Health Club


So a new year is upon us and we are looking forward to some exciting times here at The Bankside Health Club. We have a new General Manager bursting with ideas on how we can improve your member experience, a new Studio Co-ordinator who's currently reviewing our class offering and has some fantastic ideas on taking our studio programme to the next level; and if that's not all we are also planning improvements around the Club based around the excellent feedback we have received from members.

For more details read on.

October News from The Bankside Health Club


Welcome to the October edition of The Bankside Health Club's newsletter. This month we have some great articles on items such as Carb Cycling (that's not a new class); tasty and health recipes and a guide to some of those classes that you may have read on the timetable but never attended.

First up some news about class bookings. Not being able to get into classes was always a real bugbear for our members. With that in mind we brought in a restriction on the number of pre-booked classes you could have in one day, plus a booking ban for anyone who failed to attend/cancel 3 or more classes in any 30 day period. We never actually want to be seen as "enforcers" but we do have to take steps to ensure we operate a fair and effcient system for the majority of members to be able to book classes.

I'm really pleased to tell you that having monitored the situation for a few months now we are very confident that the number of classes booked per day no longer needs to be restricted and this has been lifted with immediate effect. The Booking Ban will remain in place as this has been the most effective measure.

To clarify the Booking Ban. If a member either fails to attend a booked class or cancels a booked class less than 1 hour before the class is due to take place a strike will be issued against their account. If a member acrues 3 or more strikes in any rolling 30 day period they will not be able to pre-book classes either online or via reception for a period of 10 days. They will be able to attend classes but it will be a case of turning up and seeing if there is room.

Classes are marked as attended by the system when your card is swiped at reception within a 2 hour window before your class starts so please do ensure that you always swipe in at reception if you have a class booked.

We do know from time to time life will get in the way or, as with any computerised system, the odd glitch may occur; if you receive a strike/ban that you do not feel was justified please contact ian@thehealthclubcollection.co.uk who will always listen with a sympathetic ear - even if he will not always remove the offending strikes.

April Members' News


We hope that our members had a fantastic Easter break and will be returning to The Bankside Health Club in the coming days to work off those chocolate eggs.

We have a number of exciting changes in and around the club this month including welcoming some new faces to the team. Rob, Lucas and Michael have joined as new Personal Trainers and Lisa as a Fitness Coach. I am sure that you will join us in welcoming them to the club.

Kind regards

The Bankside Health Club Team

Latest News From The Bankside Health Club


We are always looking to improve the facilities, services and member experience at The Bankside Health Club. We have recently sent out a membership feedback survey to guage where we can make these improvements and would like to update you on the latest news, changes, innovations and initiatives at The Bankside Health Club

Kind Regards,

Juliet Self

General Manager

October Members' News


Welcome to the October edition of Members' News. It has been great to see the Club so full of energy after the summer holidays with faces old and new.

Don't forget to kick start your winter regime with our affordable personal training packages or even look ahead to next summer and be hair free in time for the holidays with 50% off Pain Free Laser Hair Removal.

Kind regards,

Heidi Blackburn

General Manager

September Members' News


Welcome to the September edition of Members' News.

At The Bankside Health Club we strive to offer our members the most value. This month you can benefit from affordable Personal Training and an exclusive skin care offer and learn more about Protein in an article from The Bankside Blog.

Kind regards,


July Members' News


Welcome to the July edition of Members' News.

This month we have welcomed the official start of summer, will cheer the World Cup final and enjoy the tennis. What's more, we are excited to be filming our new online video, hosting a special meditation class and have introduced new vending machines to speed things up at reception.

June Members' News

Welcome to the June edition of Members' News. I am excited to announce that there will be a number of BIG changes at The Bankside Health Club in the coming weeks and months that will greatly improve your experience as a member and give you more value. Kind regards, Heidi

February News Part Two

As we mentioned earlier in the month, we have so much going on here at the Club, we've had to bring you the remainder of our news via a second newsletter! Enjoy!

February Members' News from The Bankside Health Club

Welcome to our February edition of members news. We have so much going on this month, that our newsletter will come to you in two parts, with another to follow later in the month. We hope that you are managing to maintain the momentum that the New Year activity brings, and that you are enjoying your time here at the Club.

January News from The Bankside Health Club

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! There's no reason for us to preach to the converted but we do recognise that it's hard to regain a training momentum after the festive period. Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to man, so we want to help you hold on to that New Year's resolution to 'Train smarter and more regularly.' Exercise keeps you healthy and makes you look and feel better. So here are a few training tips to help you tame the Christmas bulge and keep in shape...

December News from The Bankside Health Club

I'm sure many of you will be busy preparing for the festivities ahead this month, so here at the Club, we have put together our December newsletter packed with all the Club information you need to know to see you through until the New Year. We will be open for most of the Christmas period again this year, but for those of you escaping the City, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. Best Wishes Heidi Blackburn General Manager

November Newsletter from The Bankside Health Club

Welcome to our November, or indeed 'Movember' issue of our monthly newsletter. We will be fundraising for Movember throughout the month, helping to raise awareness for this important charity - read on to find out more!

Exciting Timetable Additions and Changes at Studio X

We hope you had a good summer. Whilst you have been on holiday, the team at Studio X have been putting their heads together to improve on the classes that our members enjoy so much. Please take some time to have a look through the new additions and changes and see if anything takes your fancy. If you have any questions please speak to one of the team.

July 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of The Bankside Health Club Member's Newsletter.

It wasn't you, it was us.

It was lovely getting to know you recently and we are sorry that you decided not to commit to us this time. We are keen to tempt you back to the Club for a visit so we have produced some information and offers just for you. We hope to see you again soon.

June 2013 Studio X News

Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter.

We Miss You!

We haven't seen you for a while and we are starting to worry. Summer is fast approaching and whether you are going to the Caribbean or Cornwall we want to help you get your beach body ready!

June Member News from The Bankside Health Club

Welcome to the June edition of our Members' newsletter. We are pleased to announce that Playgate Ltd. owners of The Bankside Health Club have acquired an additional 2 new sites and have also changed their name to The Health Club Collection. To find out more about these exciting events and the reason behind the change of name, follow the link below.

New Class Timetable Launches 1st June 2013

A big thank you to those of you that have recently completed the Group Exercise survey, we’ve gone from 6 responses to over 68, which is a marked improvement, except it still means that 372 unique class users haven’t completed it! Using the feedback we have received so far, we are now working on a new timetable which will launch on the 1st June. It's not too late to have your say though, the survey is still available, and any further feedback will contribute towards our next review in the coming months. We really do value everyone’s opinion, so we’d really appreciate you taking just a few minutes to answer 5 key questions. Simply follow the link beneath this email to access the survey. The survey results have been key in assisting us to formulate some of the forthcoming changes, interestingly the survey shows that participation & satisfaction is extremely high for the following classes:- GRIT Spin Pilates CXWORX Turbo Charger Yoga Body Pump Lunchtime leads the way for the most popular time to attend, followed shortly by evenings. Please be secure in the knowledge that the changes to the programme are extremely well thought out, utilising member feedback, coupled with historical attendance data, which has been recorded electronically since we launched over 10 weeks ago. We do fully recognise that some of our changes will not meet the expectations of all our members but our aim is to create a timetable which fits with the needs of as many of our members as possible. Group fitness is by its very nature about motivating, inspiring & leading groups of participants through fun, effective, safe & exceptional routines. Each class has an attendance benchmark to ensure our business yields the right result and sadly our studio statistics have indicated that some classes are not meeting the expected criteria, which leaves us with no alternative than to remove them or adjust specific elements. Regrettably our 30 minute Yoga classes are being discontinued from the 1st June but owing to your feedback, we have extended the time on some of the existing Yoga classes, as well as adding an extra lunch time Yoga class, meaning Yoga features every day of the week, plus we have even extended our evening yoga to 60 minutes! Sadly, owing to poor participation, we are having to withdraw Mixed Martial Arts & a few of our boxing classes, although there are still plenty of boxing classes to choose from. Don’t fret though, we’ve still got the largest timetable in Southwark, with a huge array of class styles, times and instruction. Better still, our new timetable will include even more than last time by offering GRIT Plyo, GRIT Cardio and extra CXWORX classes. Please be mindful that we are yet to load some of these additions to our online booking system, so you may not be able to see all the classes at present, however this will be completed within the coming days. Healthy regards Jodie Blackburn Group Exercise Director

Class Survey - Tell Us Your Thoughts

Thank you to those of you who have already completed our survey; your feedback is important to us and will assist us in our continued review process. If you have yet to tell us your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you, simply follow the link below to complete our survey. Kind regards The Bankside Health Club

May Member News from The Bankside Health Club

Welcome to the May edition of our Members newsletter. We hope that you are enjoying our new timetable. With over 150 classes available to choose from every week, we'd like to think there is something for everyone. And with our new Pay as You Go system, your friends can attend our classes too! Don’t forget you can book online to reserve your classes 7 days prior to them commencing. If you haven’t received your login and password yet, please contact studiox@thebanksidehealthclub.co.uk to get started. We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind our members that our new steppers and bikes will be arriving tomorrow, along with new TV screens. Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond our control, there will be a delay in the arrival of the treadmills. We expect delivery next week, and we will aim to offer access to the current treadmills tomorrow whilst the other CV kit is out of action.

Latest News from The Bankside Health Club

For those of you who made it to our launch day last week, thank you for your support - we hope you enjoyed! The day was a great success, jam packed with energy and fun. If you didn't get a chance to come down, fear not, we will be running another event in conjunction with the launch of our next studio timetable in July! As a regular client of the Club, we wanted to be sure that you were aware of all the facilities and services available to you as a Non-Member. We find that many of our clients don't know that they can join in on classes or take up treatments as a non-member, there really is so much for everyone, we've taken it all into consideration. Read on for our latest news and offers.

We Miss You at The Bankside Health Club

Since you’ve been gone we’ve launched a Pay As You Go concept here at The Bankside Health Club and we’ve got over 150 classes per week available to non-members on a Pay As You Go basis. Group fitness classes harness the energy of many, for a motivating, challenging and totally addictive workout experience . All our classes have been designed to inspire your fitness success, support your achievements and build your self confidence. Choose from 150 dynamic Classes per week all with the fastest ways of getting in shape. Some of our classes will help you burn fat and calories, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning, whilst others will build flexibility and strength and leave you feeling centered and calm... Alone we're weak, together we’re strong! So come join in on the fun and release those endorphins to leave you with a natural high. Of course if your circumstances have changed and you're looking to re join us, we'd love to have you back! Simply call 020 7921 9343 to speak to one of our membership advisers today and we'll even ditch the joining fee!

We Miss You at Studio X

We miss you and we don’t want you to miss out... As a valued client of the Club, we wanted to be sure that you were aware of all the facilities and services available to you as a Non-Member. We find that many of our clients don’t know that they can join in on classes or take up treatments as a non-member, there really is so much for everyone, we’ve taken it all into consideration. So if you’ve not been in for a while, then here’s a supportive subtle reminder to get you back on track. Nothing has changed, your classes can still be booked online and our Beauty team are ready and waiting to get you looking beautiful for the summer. Read on for our latest news and offers.

April Members News

We have some exciting news for you. We've been counting down the weeks here at the Club, and on the 3rd of May, the following pieces of equipment will be installed by Matrix: 14 Treadmills 4 Uprights 2 Recumbents 2 Steppers All of which will have TV screens & new TV’s will be installed onto the existing cross trainers. As with all change, there will unfortunately be some disruption. On Friday 3rd May the whole CV area will be out of action from 7am until approximately 5pm the same day. We are very sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We have avoided closing the Club, and members will have full access to all free weights, resistance equipment & classes throughout the day. We hope you like the new kit!

February Members News

Firstly we'd like to thank you all for your patience over the weekend building works - exciting times ahead and we hope you like the results! Our Spin Studio is now fully operational and we have 10 additional bikes being delivered on 25th February. There will also be a delivery of 6 new XTrainers on the 25th, with all remaining CV gym equipment expected to be replaced in the next 10 weeks. We are currently working on installing a boxing bag tracking system, which caters for up to 6 bags, to be hung in the new studio, as training aids for all boxing classes. Plus, we will be hanging 2 boxing bags next to the TRX system out on the gym floor for members to use during their workouts. As of 1st March our new Studio Timetable will be in full swing, offering over 90 Group Exercise classes and 60 Power Plate classes per week for our members to benefit from. All Group Exercise Classes are FREE to all Peak Silver & Gold Members and will be available on-line to book in the comings days. Off-Peak Members may take advantage of classes that fall within the Off-Peak club access times. Members wishing to take advantage of our 60 Power Plate Classes, may do so by upgrading to our ‘Platinum Membership’ which includes full access to all club facilities, 7 days a week. If you are interested in upgrading, please email info@thebanksidehealthclub.co.uk for more information. You will be notified this coming week of our online booking system going live, where you will be able to book all your future classes, so watch this space!

Exciting Member announcements about Club developments

In the coming weeks The Bankside Health Club will be launching a new Group Exercise programme consisting of over 150 classes per week. To help us on our quest to attain a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Group based classes, we turned to fitness and motivation guru Jodie Blackburn, our Company Group Exercise Director, who has over the past 4 months led the project to create a new studio based programme, that will be sure to offer a vast and innovative range of group based training classes. Jodie was the absolute key professional to head up the re-programming of our club’s class timetable as we knew through years of experience that she would craft a new timetable that would be sure to deliver the most cutting edge and up to date programme around. As part of the project, Jodie has had the opportunity to recruit some of London’s best fitness coaches, who will be sure to spellbind you all by delivering highly energized, results driven training. To make way for these exhilarating additions, we will be commencing building extension works to our Spin studio, functional zone & boxing ring commencing Saturday 16th Feb 2013. Whilst we will make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum, unfortunately we are unable to avoid cancelling a few boxing classes between 18th-24th Feb 2013. For more information, please contact reception.

Power Plate Newsflash

Always striving to offer our clients more, here at The Bankside Health Club we've made some exciting changes, with more to come, that will make your experience here better than ever!

Power Plate Newsflash January 2013

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! There's no reason for us to preach to the converted but we do recognise that it's sometimes hard to regain a training momentum after the festive period. Here’s a few reminders of all the benefits when participating regularly in Power Plate sessions: • Increase muscle strength and tone. • Improve flexibility • Aids weight loss and reduces cellulite. • Improves circulation and increases bone density.

January Member News 2013

Happy New Year and welcome to our new Newsletter. We know how busy you are, so we have invested in a new email system that will allow you to choose only the information that you would like to receive. Our aim is to provide you with useful information that directly concerns you and your experience. We've included you in all of the categories on the left; however, we would like to give you the opportunity to choose which items in particular you'd like to hear about. Simply update your preferences with items that interest you, and you will only receive this information moving forward. Kind regards The Bankside Health Club

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